Where to begin? Welcome to The Hood Life I guess.

I am Lynsey, I am 26 originally from Glasgow, Scotland and today marks 1 Year and 2 Months as an EXPAT! So it obviously made sense to launch The Hood Life today!

I have always loved reading blogs, I am obsessed with Youtube Vloggers and Instagrammers, the tips, tricks and day to day life journeys always inspire me and make me laugh.

I made the decision to start blogging when I decided to take the jump and move over 3,500 miles away from home to the big sand pit known as the Middle East. The Hood Life blog is basically the tales of my life, as an expat I want to be able to help and prepare you guys who are planning on doing similar…(trust me it’s not easy but worth it). I have experienced a lot of life changing experiences during my first year both amazing highs and the hardest lows which everyone can relate to, not only expats.

As a Fashion Buyer, my life is literally all about fashion & shopping. Retail therapy is a real thing and so is retail withdrawals!!! I will be showing you my wants, needs and buys on my little piece of the worldwide web!

I also have to confess I am a complete addict to anything sweet, if it were possible (and I do try) I would give up all savoury food for chocolate, cookies & ice cream, one major flaw though I am Gluten & Dairy intolerant so it is not great for me to eat. I will bring you on my adventure to find the perfect balance of enjoying food, losing weight & getting fabulous!

There are two sides to me, ( not like the Harley Quinn ), I am a total nomad who wants to live like the hippies and travel the world spreading peace and love, although I’m not very affectionate and have an issue with people invading my personal space. The other side of me is a total diva, bad ass and full of sass, who is in desperate need of a bottomless bank account. I do try to satisfy her with regular shopping!

Finally I should let you know I can be very opinionated,  I am an advocate of the word Y’all (in the Scottish accent it just doesn’t sound as cool), I like animals more than most humans and I ask way too many questions, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

My life is always eventful and I want to bring you with me in all aspects for the good and the bad in hopes that you will enjoy the reads and be able to help in your daily adventures, if nothing else I hope it makes you laugh and eases your day!

I hope y’all enjoy, please leave me comments, feedback, suggestions and love.




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