My Crush on Blush

Hey guys,

I hope you are well and I really hope you are enjoying the blog….2 posts in! I have to apologise for the 3 week delay in posting this however the challenges of life in Dubai have been coming in abundance over the last few weeks, I am now back and excited to finally post this.

I wanted to start my fashion posts and after my first proper spree at the Mall of Emirates a couple of weekends ago, and a recent online splurge, I noticed I may have a slight obsession…you may also have noticed as it is everywhere on my Instagram and blog!

Pink… Blush Pink to be more precise!

I know this colour trend has been around for well over a year but coming into Spring, it looks like it’s here to stay 👌🏽
I’ve been in Dubai since late November and yes! This is my first proper shopping spree! I did do one last minute crazy work haul the day before starting my new job, (I don’t feel it counts).  I actually didn’t go crazy with this one but it is a lot of pink!

First stop in MOE was to H&M, personally I love H&M, they offer both your basics and in expensive key trend pieces. Perfect for when you’ve already been on a spending spree or if your not sure your committed to a certain style. I love to change up my style on a daily basis from girly chic to edgy grunge.

I was out looking for new basic black work shoes which oddly enough I could find but while in the footwear section I came across two B E A U-tiful pairs of shoes.

Firstly is these cute Suede Pink Sneakers/ half flatform. I am not normally a fan of unbranded trainers but these were a must and only AED 129!

Image courtesy of H&M

The next pair are different in style but same Suede Pink, this time Loafers. Now I don’t know about you guys but I have a proper hatred from really pointed or elongated toes on shoes and these are a little pointy but the style and comfort for these is totally worth it! 👌🏽 I can’t find them online now but I think they were around AED99. Total Steal!!!

Image courtesy of H&M

I also purchased this gorgeous Knitted Cropped Jumper. OK it is now probably far too warm for this but when you live with someone who likes to have the apartment  with temperature cooler than an igloo this comes in handy. I bought this in a large so it is quite baggy on me and the sleeves are super long but I love with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and my new pink sneakers for a comfy casual look. Great news it is now on sale for around AED 70.

Image courtesy of H&M

My final pink purchase (as you can see from the image this is not pink, the website is not showing it and mine is in the wash as i have worn the life out of it) from H&M was a basic but a goody. I am obsessed with long cardigans, being a short arse I know they make me look shorter but I just love how they can bring a little style and colour to a plain outfit. This one in length is just skimming my ankles and has big pockets although the cardigan itself is so light weight I can’t put anything in them. Still definitely worth the money.


Image courtesy of H&M

My next stop was Zara, which I wish I was a size 4/6 because I could just buy everything but I feel a lot of their pieces look better on the skinny Minnie’s (I am totally for being confident and beautiful whatever size or shape but my personal feeling in the clothing is this)- plus maybe it’s just me but some of their sizes seem like they have shrunk in the wash! Or maybe that’s just the over indulgent year I have had.

I found this beautiful pale pink Faux Leather Mini Skirt. It’s a funny one to describe as the skirt is like a knitted stretch fabric with a pleather coating on the outside. Ignore my description because while that sounds awful it is actually really beautiful and comfortable on (stretchy elastic waistband…great for me)! Team this with a cute tee and some sneakers or a nice dressy top and some cute heels. It works for all occasions. I just need some sun on my legs first!


Image courtesy of Zara

Ok! So a little relief from all the pink, my next purchase was this cool Oversized Embroidered Shirt! They had this in a couple of colours. But this one was my fav, I love stars and being pink it just sealed the deal. It is quite big on but super versatile. Wear tucked in to some tailored trousers for work or under a cute denim pinafore. It was a little pricey for being a lightweight shirt but I do love it and will get a lot of wear out of it.


Images courtesy of Zara                            


I also found this super cool Suede Biker Jacket… again in blush pink. I stopped myself from purchasing it… worst decision ever made as I now can’t stop thinking about it. It wasn’t even as expensive as I’d imagined. Such cool detailing with the belt, buttons and zips. If you see it I urge you to pick it up.


Images courtesy of Zara


My final item from Zara was this cute Pink Bucket Bag, which is not only cute but also looking after our planet 🌎. Made from water based PU, I can now be on trend and saving the planet. That is my kind of shopping 👌🏽. It’s a great sized bag and I actually think I’ll get a lot of use out of it as the colour being so pale will go with most outfit.


Images courtesy of Zara


My next item was a random find but one I had actually been envisioning since I spotted a beautiful girl in JBR in cute denim cut off shorts and this longline shirt. When I either see something or generate an item of clothing/ an outfit in my mind I can’t stop until I either find it or make it. So when I stepped into Vero Moda and seen this on the rack for AED 99 I didn’t hesitate straight to the cash desk. I’ve had it on a couple of times and I love it but being white it also means it has encountered some spills and stains although they seem to come out after washing. My only regret with this purchase is I wish I bought another one. I cannot find my shirt anywhere online so below is a similar style available on Asos and on sale!


Image courtesy of Asos

I also stopped by City Walk this week and apart from the usual over indulgence with food, I did stop into Lush where I purchased a couple of items…. Nothing Pink!

I have always been struggling with my skin, specifically on my face and I wanted to try one of their Charcoal Cleansers, I was recommended to try the Dark Angels which is a cleanser and scrub for face and body. I will give you a proper review in the next few weeks but after using it twice now, I have seeing some results.

I also recently made a drastic change to my hair going from brown to a very light brown and balayage blonde, which I love however struggling to stop the blonde from changing to that horrible brassy orange/ straw colour. I have tried a number of shampoos to prevent this but no such luck. I heard that Lush have a natural alternative- Daddy-O. I have purchased the smallest bottle to give it a test. I have only used once so far and I do feel I see a difference but I will also continue to use and in a few weeks give you my feedback.

Final purchases were two of the infamous bath bombs from Lush, unfortunately due to have such sensitive skin I cannot use them plus I hate baths but my lovely other half appreciates a bath now and again so I treated him to 2. Always good to treat him and keep me in the good books. I purchased the Yoga Bomb & Intergalactic, I was trying to pick the manliest options for him.

Images courtesy of Lush Cosmetics


I am now beginning to fill up my online baskets for Asos & Missguided so there will  be a summer online haul coming soon.

Let me know what you think of my purchases and if you enjoy these posts.

Also if you want me to do a dedicated post to my current skin care problems and products I am testing at the moment then leave me a comment below or on Instagram





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